SFTFS Officer Position Outline

South Florida Tech For Seniors Officer Positions

All officers will be responsible for fulfilling their selected role to their fullest abilities and communicating with each other and other SFTFS volunteers.

We are looking for students who are passionate about leading and helping in their community. All officer positions will require time and dedication, and should be considered seriously. All officers will be required to regularly participate in officer meetings.

Some officer benefits include:

  • Featured with name, face, and title on the SFTFS website

  • Custom Google Workspace account: yourname@sftfs.org

  • Custom roles and channels in the SFTFS Discord server

  • Chance to gain leadership skills and enhance resume


This position is not up for election this year.

Oversees all South Florida Tech For Seniors operations. Responsible for communicating and coordinating with all other officers. Monitors progress of the organization and ensures we are working towards our goals. Answers questions from volunteers and media. Responsible for any other function or aspect of SFTFS deemed important that is not hereby otherwise delegated.

Volunteer Coordinator

Oversees recruitment of and maintains responsibility for onboarding new volunteers to South Florida Tech For Seniors. Walks new volunteers through the support process and SFTFS procedures. Answers questions and makes themselves available to work with volunteers. Communicates with volunteers through Remind and Discord about important updates and events. Tracks and updates volunteer activity participation.

Event Coordinator

Communicates with and establishes relationships with organizations and other locations. Plans and attends support events and other events. Works with school club leaders to coordinate club meetings. Ensures regular events on a well-coordinated schedule. Adds relevant events to public and volunteer Google Calendars. Coordinates with the social media manager to ensure promotion and communication is in place before and after events.

Social Media Manager

Responsible for creation and distribution of images, text posts, and videos to SFTFS social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Works to engage individuals using social media to garner interest and lead signups from students and seniors. Attends events or coordinates with those who are attending to capture photos and videos. Ensures there is no shortage of content shared online.

This role is not responsible for creation of Tech Tip Tuesday videos or blog posts, but may be involved in their distribution and promotion.

Head of Content Production

Responsible for coordinating, planning, overseeing production of, and distributing videos through YouTube or other direct methods and SFTFS blog posts. This content should include Tech Tip Tuesday videos and tutorials on the blog, in addition to other relevant or timely content. Ensures consistency and quality of content and watches metrics like interactions and watch time to inform decisions about future content and strategies.

Head of Tech Support

Monitors support and tutorials provided by SFTFS to ensure quality and accuracy. Trains volunteers with support techniques and technical knowledge.

Officer applications will be open through November. Officers will be selected and announced in December.